Automatic Cabinet DoorsTM   

Vertical sliding panel hardware and cabinet door lift system

  StorageMotion offers several different types of automatic drive mechanisms for vertical lifting doors or panels. We  create CUSTOM drive systems for doors that  are flush with there surroundings when closed. These doors tilt back and slide up and behind the above fixed panel as they open. They have a magnificent effect as they tilt and move to create virtually any opening that you need. We also offer CUSTOM drive systems for doors that just go straight up and down and are framed by there surroundings. In addition we offer multiple panel doors that are available as complete working protoypes with  example doors that arrive fully assembled. You can disassemble the prototype as necessary and add your own doors to the working assembly.

All of our systems move doors quietly, smoothly and with just a push of a button and unlike regular cabinet doors our doors are hidden and completely out of the way when raised.






Automatic Cabinet DoorsTM  Features:

  • Single panel or multi panel door systems are available. Multi panel system allow for smaller door storage area for when the doors are open.
  •  We offer flush mount (tilt back) doors that move up and behind a fixed panel AND we offer  doors that just go straight up and down
  •  Our custom door systems span up to 8 feet and lift up to 200 pounds.
  •  We have direct maintained switch, remote control, wireless wall switches or integration with TV remote available. 120V or 240V motors
  •  Available as drive system only or as full working prototype with example doors.
  •  Great for wet bars , boardrooms ,hiding collections , TV concealment, security, Pantry, Master closet and anywhere regular cabinet doors are in the way. We even have a design for disappearing artwork.

We can customize any unit to your specifications!



Example System

We offer all types of custom systems but the most requested system is the Single Panel Flush Mount Door. It typically has the following specs.

  1. Includes Motor tube,lifting straps,door guides and roller assembly. (Door panels not included)
  2. Door will be flush with its surroundings when closed.
  3. Lifting straps attach to the back of the door and are completely hidden
  4. Guides are 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches deep and will fit behind door opening on each side
  5. Door will tilt back approx 2.5 to 3.0 inches as it rises
  6. Two inch diameter motor tube will need to mount near the top of the door when the door is in the open position and will require 10 inches of depth at this location.
  7. Wireless wall switch will be provided.
  8. Motor will have starting and stopping limits that are set at installation.

Presentation on our different door drive offerings

CLICK HERE for our different available models

Drawings for different door types

CLICK HERE for single panel automatic cabinet door drawing
CLICK HERE for two panel (guillotine) automatic cabinet door drawing
CLICK HERE for two panel automatic cabinet door drawing
CLICK HERE for three panel automatic cabinet door drawing

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