StorageMotion, Inc.TM of Mooresville, NC donates The AutoPantry TM to the UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Occupational Therapy located in Bondurant Hall, Chapel Hill, NC. 

Jenny Womack, Acting Director of the School of Occupational Therapy was on hand to accept the donation from StorageMotion, Inc. TM

The AutoPantryTM  is a vertical, closet carousel designed for an existing cabinet or pantry

that will lower items by pushing a button or  a switch.  The unit can be easily installed as

it is an insert.  The unit is placed so that the lowest shelf of the unit is at the highest level


that the user can reach; whatever level that might be.  The AutoPantryTM  allows the user


to access items that are normally out of reach without a step stool.


Jenny Womack learned of the AutoPantryTM  from Elizabeth Hartzog, Director of 

Occupational Therapy at Carolina’s Rehab Institute and graduate of the UNC-Chapel


Hill program.  Jenny mentioned how useful the AutoPantry TM  would be for students of


the OT program in learning about Universal Design in practice.  Carolina’s Rehab


Institute also has an AutoPantryTM   in their ADL (Activities for Daily Living) training


kitchen and Jenny has seen how helpful the unit has been for her patients.


UNC-Chapel Hill developed an apartment at the School of Occupational Therapy  in conjunction with NC State utilizing

Universal Design concepts in an effort to educate the OT students on how to structure a living environment for people with disabilities.  Universal Design concepts use products that are helpful to people with and without disabilities.  Using these concepts helps to keep costs down for people with disabilities and allows people to age in place.


For more information, contact StorageMotion, IncTM  at (704) 609-8668.