AutoPantryTM is installed at Carolina's Rehab!


StorageMotion, Inc.TM installed an AutoPantryTM in the Activities for Daily Living Kitchen at Carolina's Rehab Institute.  The AutoPantryTM is designed to assist the patients in accessing food items from the kitchen's pantry.  The AutoPantryTM is one of several products developed by StorageMotion, Inc.TM for Universal Design applications.  The AutoPantryTM is a "vertical closet carousel" which works like a vertical ferris wheel.  It is installed in an existing closet or cabinet with the lowest shelf at the highest level the user is able to reach.  The AutoPantryTM is ideal for the physically challenged because there is no encroachment below the unit.  This allows the user to move their wheelchair under the unit to access items more easily. 


The Occupational Therapy Director,  "Liz Hartzog has been instrumental in arranging for the AutoPantryTM to be installed at Carolina's Rehab Institute.  Her vision for offering the latest products designed with Universal Design concepts in mind is another reason why Carolina's Rehab Institute is one of the premier rehab facilities in the region", noted the President and CEO Kurtis R. Krohn.


For more information on the AutoPantryTM or other products offered by StorageMotion, Inc.TM please contact them directly at 704-609-8668.