StorageMotion Inc attended the California Closets national meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At this meeting franchise owners, managers, designers and others review many of the products that California Closets offers in there closet designs. StorageMotion brought their Motor driven closet rods that they call the Automated Wardrobe Lifts. A standard lift that lifts clothes 30 inches and is similar to a pull down lift except that it is motor driven was one product. The other product was the Extended Automated Wardrobe Lift which lowers a clothes rail 90 degrees but then the clothes rail exits a holding receptacle and continues to drop giving the user the ability to reach clothes that are over 50 inches out of reach.Like the Standard lift it is motor driven and can lift over 70 pounds. Both of these products are available up to 48 inches wide. Both are the future in closet design.