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Automatic Cabinet Doors™

Vertical sliding panel hardware and cabinet door lift system.

  • Single panel or multi panel door systems are available. Multi panel system allow for smaller door storage area for when the doors are open.
  • We offer flush mount (tilt back) doors that move up and behind a fixed panel AND we offer  doors that just go straight up and down.
  • We offer drive systems where the door becomes hidden as it raises and systems where the closed door has an open area above it.
  • The door panel  can also travel down to open.
  •  Our custom door systems span up to 8 feet and lift up to 200 pounds.
  •  We have direct maintained switch, remote control, wireless wall switches or integration with TV remote available. 120V or 240V motors.
  •  Great for wet bars, boardrooms, hiding collections, TV concealment, security, pantry, master closet and anywhere regular cabinet doors are in the way. We even have a design for disappearing artwork.
  • If the space is available, the guides/tracks can be completely concealed by moving them out laterally to the left and right and creating extensions for the roller assemblies so they can reach and interact with the moved out guides/tracks.

StorageMotion, Inc® offers several different types of automatic drive mechanisms for vertical lifting doors or panels. We create custom made to order drive systems for doors that are flush with their surroundings when closed. These doors tilt back and slide up and behind the above fixed panel as they open. They have a magnificent effect as they tilt and move to create virtually any opening that you need. We also offer custom made to order drive systems for doors that just go straight up and down. In addition, we now offer a new AUTOMATIC VERTICAL BIFOLD DOOR drive system. It requires no space above or below the opening to store the doors. Great for when space is confined. See the video below. ALSO please see the bottom of this web page for HOW TO ORDER all of our drive systems.

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Automatic CabinetDoors™

Watch Our Automatic Cabinet Doors In Action!

All of our systems move doors quietly, smoothly and with just a push of a button. Unlike regular cabinet doors, our doors are hidden and completely out of the way when raised.

“I am very impressed with the speed, skill, professionalism and integrity of StorageMotion Inc.  Anyone who purchases from them can rest assured that there is strong support for their products.”

P. Jakab, Brooklyn, New York

We can customize any unit to your specifications!

How to order or obtain quote.

1)Look through the following files  and select by model name the style that most closely meets your needs.





2) Look through the following spec sheet details on the different models to learn pertinent info and details on the layout’
Also see drawings at the top of this web page to get further part details as needed

Cabinet Automatic Door Model Details

3)Determine and send us the following input. Use the “Contact Us” form. (Also you can call for immediate budget pricing)

  1.  The Model Name that most closely matches your needs. For example “Single panel closed flush”
  2.  Size of the opening including height, width and thickness of the door
  3.  An estimate on the weight of the door
  4.  The controls you need. We have 120 volt Maintained Switch, RFQ Remote, IR Remote, Low Voltage Switch and Home Automation Integration
  5. Any custom considerations such as door travel obstructions, panels moving down as opposed to up, photo eyes, etc.
  6. Your billing and shipping address.

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