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Ceiling Cabinet with Shelf Lift – CeilingLiftTM

A motor driven lift that lowers a shelf from within a cabinet.

A CeilingLiftTM is a ceiling cabinet that includes an automatic lift shelf that drops down so that stored items are brought to eye level and can be easily retrieved. The cabinet requires at least a 9 foot ceiling so that when the motor driven shelf is retracted, a person can easily walk underneath the cabinet. This can be an elegant solution for a bedroom closet, a utility room or even the garage. Think about all the wasted space that is just over your head. NO WALL SPACE IS REQUIRED. This product is a cabinet designed with a shelf that drops out from the bottom right down to the perfect level. The unit is offered with a finished shelf and an unfinished enclosure that can be covered with whatever materials are necessary to match the rest of the room. Different sizes are available.


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ceiling-liftCeilingLiftTM – Motor Driven Shelf

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Example CeilingLiftTM System


Ceiling Cabinet with Shelf Lift August 25, 2015