Summary for Customization on Carousels
1)We currently have carousels that fit into 18 inch ,24 inch and 30 inch deep cabinets. The 30 inch deep carousel is for folded clothes and shoes that can be laid flat. ( The minimum actual carousel depths not including a switch is 16 1/2 , 23 1,2 and 28 1/2)Changing depth out side of these 3 basic depths (18, 24 and 30) is NOT easy so we try to find a solution that fits these depths.

2)We can support widths up to 36 inches for the 18 inch deep, 40 inches for the 24 deep, and 42 inches for the 30 inch deep. Anything outside these dimensions  requires additional  testing and analysis . Changing height is easy but need to keep under 12 feet due to restrictions in our factory.
3) Possible custom shelf sizes.
18 inch deep carousel  –  approx 6 inch deep shelves with 6 ,7, 8 inch spacing
24 inch deep carousel –  approx 8 inch deep shelves with 10 ,11,12 inch spacing
30 inch deep carousel – approx 11 inch deep shelves with 9, 10,11 ,12 ,13 , 14 inch spacing
4) Shelf spacing and number of shelves determine overall carousel height. (Spacing of shelves must be on the inch)
Shelves can be made out of any  material but we try use Baltic Birch because it is fairly light in weight.
Weight capacity guide lines are  as follows
18 inch deep carousel  – 15 lbs
24 inch deep carousel – 20 lbs
30 inch deep carousel – 25 lbs
The above capacities MAY be able to be increased in certain situations

5)  In certain situations we let customers build their own shelves. We supply example shelves and drawings.
6) Only shelves are finished for a  customized product. The carousel enclosure we do not finish. Customer must finish themselves and add trim to match rest of interior.

7) Controls –
We have regular momentary switch On -Off -On that comes in a basic external  enclosure BUT for best appearance needs to be installed by an electrician.
Remote – Have this capability along with individual, group and master control. This means that multiple carousel units can be controlled at same time.

 Summary for Customization on Wardrobe Lifts 

1) Our extended lifts can be customized to have a vertical lift greater than 50 inches

2) Our minimum mounting dimension is 28 inches but with customization this an be reduced by 1 inch or so if necessary

3) Our wood lifts can be painted by us if necessary.


Completed Customizations that we have done in the past

1) Large  11 foot tall wardrobe carousel. Holds 18 shelves for folded clothes and mens shoes. 

2) Special carousels that hold up to 68  two liter plastic bottles.

3) Remote control carousel for a  showroom  that holds shelves for both Shoes and Pantry items. Same remote also controls an automated wardrobe lift in the same display.

4) Vertical Wine  Bottle carousel.

5) Vertical carousel for ladies purses

6) Vertical carousel for CDs

7) Vertical Carousel for Closet Fetish shoe boxes (36 inches deep, Very custom)

8) ShoeSelect with shelves covered in Black Suede cloth.

9) Wardrobe Lifts that drop the clothes rail up to 90 inches


Here is a custom carousel shelf for holding ties or jewelry.

Tie and Jewelry Shelf






Customization October 14, 2015