Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where does the power need to be placed?
A: There is a 6’ cord that comes out the left side center about 18” inches up from the bottom of the carousel. A power cord is included but the unit can also be hardwired by an electrician.

Q: Do you make units for Men’s Shoes?
A: Yes, the shelves are specially designed for Men’s shoes which are typically larger than Ladies shoes. We do not normally make ShoeSelect® that store both types within the same unit.

Q: Is there assembly required?
A: No but you must locate and install the 110 volt switch.

Q: What sizes are available and which is the best to get?
A: Sizes run about 3’ – 3 ½‘wide and 6’ to 11’ tall, smaller sizes available.

Q: I want to build a cabinet for the ShoeSelect®.  Are drawings available?
A: We can supply drawings with the dimensions of the ShoeSelect® from the quote. The unit is created as an insert and you just need to make space for the dimensions provided.

Q: I have an 11’ ceiling in my closet, what is the best size ShoeSelect® to buy?
A: We make floor to ceiling units up to 11’ high and smaller units for placing on a base with stationary shelves or drawers below.

Q: Where is the cord located on the unit?
A: On the left side center about 18” from the bottom.


Q: What is the weight capacity of the shelves?
A: AutoPantry® – 18 – 10lbs. per shelf.
A: AutoPantry® – 24 –  20lbs. per shelf
A: AutoPantry® – 28 –  20lbs. per shelf

Q: What kind of items can be placed in an AutoPantry®?
A: It is designed for small boxes and cans. It is not design for dishes or pots and pans.

Automated Wardrobe Lift®

Q: How high can the lift be installed?
A: Up to roughly 110” on the Standard lift. For the extended lift models you can mount those as high as necessary for a 50” vertical drop.

Q: Where should the power supply be placed?
A: Outlets need to be placed at the very top of the closet within 6’ of the left side of the lift. Units can also be wired into your home by an electrician.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: Usually about an hour.

Q: Where should the switch be placed during installation?
A: Most switches are wireless and can be mounted anywhere. Most people place it inside the clothes cabinet on a side panel, if there is a door for the cabinet the wardrobe lift switch must be located inside the cabinet.

Q: How far out from the back wall will the clothes rail be when in the down position?
A: 42” but  when clothes are added the total distance will be approximately 54” from the back wall to the front edge of the clothes.


Q: How much space is needed to install the hanging ClothesCarousel®?

A: 11’ of height and 5 ½’ of depth is the minimum, with the width at 3’ to 5’.

Q: Can you make a vertical carousel for folded clothes or for purses?
A: Yes, we make custom carousels for all types of items.

FAQ October 14, 2015