Key Points for Installation

AutoPantry® and  ShoeSelect®

  • Units are shipped completely assembled.  The enclosure is unfinished and requires a finished outside cabinet.
  • A place for the 110 VAC operating switch needs to be determined.
  • A safety apron at the top of the unit must be installed over or in place of the factory apron for safety.
  • The sides in front need be supported to ensure they stay straight over time.
  • A secure base for the Vertical Carousel to stand on needs to be constructed. Weights are 200 to 400 pounds

CLICK HERE for Vertical Carousel instructions


Automated WardrobeLift®

  • Sides of the cabinet for securing the rotating arms must be square.
  • An aluminum motor tube and clothes rail must be cut to length.
  • A simple enclosure can be created for the motor OR it can be painted.
  • Starting and stopping points for the motor must be set at installation.
  • The small white reset button on the motor must be located and be reasonably accessible.
  • Alignment between the rotating arms and the lifting straps on the motor tube is key to successful operation.
  • Ensure that at least 1 1/2 rotations of lifting strap material stay on the tube when rotating arms are down

CLICK HERE for Automated WardrobeLift™ STANDARD instructions
CLICK HERE for Automated WardrobeLift EXTENDED instructions (includes SPANISH)



  • Starting and stopping points for the motor must be set at installation
  • The Closed flush system requires a chamfer on the fixed pane over the movable door to allow it to tilt back properly
  • Due to the system design the motor tube does not have to be installed in an exact location  relative to the movable door.

CLICK HERE for Automated Door Straight Up instructions
CLICK HERE for Automated Door Closed Flush instructions



  • This product is a vertical carousel for hanging clothes and is shipped as a kit that requires two people and several hours to install.
  • A finished cover that is not included needs to be created to cover the guides and sprocket infrastructure.


 This is a video of some solutions to installation issues for the Automated Wardrobe Lift®


This is a video (click below) for how to program The Automated WardrobeLift® and setting starting and stopping positions


Installation October 14, 2015