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Automated Wine Storage – Automated WineCarouselTM

An automated wine storage solution with motorized shelves that move to you and increase your overall storage.

  • Automatic revolving wine shelves that are motor driven.
  • Available with chrome-rod shelves or wood-dowel shelves
  • Comes in different widths and heights. Installs in any wine cellar.
  • Effective for bringing down bottles to a reachable level
  • Great for showing off trophy bottles and also for saving space

This wine bottle carousel is a very functional way to store wine in high, out of reach areas and then retrieve the bottles with a press of a button! It is smooth running  and does not shake or unsettle the wine as it rotates. It can be placed inside  a cabinet in  any climate controlled wine cellar  and includes a switch for forward ,reverse and stop. The shelves can be made out wood dowels or chrome rails.

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Automated WineCarouselTMAutomated Wine Storage

Watch the Automated WineCarouselTM In Action!

“The units are in and fitted and they work brilliantly! I shall take a photo and send this on. Many thanks and thank you.”

Becky J. Farell, England

We can customize any unit to your specifications!

Features Available

  • Available for 18” deep cabinets. Widths range from 26 inches to over 40 inches. Height can range from approximately 5  feet to as high as 14 feet.
  • Wine bottles lay in the shelf rack left to right so that trophy labels are visible.
  • Shelves are made out of Baltic Birch and are clear coated in semi-gloss polyurethane They can be also be made with chrome rails and shelf sides that are covered with black velvet. Custom shelves available.
  • Unit is shipped fully assembled.


  • The Automated WineCarousel™ is operated by pressing and holding the switch to move the shelves up and down.  The momentary switch must be held constantly for shelves to move.
  • The unit is designed for regular red and white wine bottles but magnums can also be placed on the racks.  The load limit per shelf is 20 lbs.
  • THE UNIT MUST BE IN BALANCE TO OPERATE SMOOTHLY.  It is best to  not have several  shelves fully loaded that are all next to each other and all the other shelves empty.
  • When loading the unit for the first time make sure the Automated WineCarousel™ stays in balance .


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Motorized Wine Storage – Automated WineCarousel August 26, 2015