What our customers say:


StorageMotion Inc. tries very hard to create useful, lasting products and give our customers prompt quality service.  We respond to all emails and phone calls in a timely manner and really do appreciate your input.

“The AutoPantry is wonderful!  I caught our cabinet guy looking at it as if he wanted to copy it and I shooed him away.  It is an awesome device.  I wish I had done two in the kitchen or one floor to ceiling totally”.  Jennifer and Troy, Texas

 “Everything is great and better than I expected.  Thanks a million!”  Jan Rosenthal, Michigan

“The Automated WardrobeLift installed very well and my customer loves it.  Please send another unit”.  Steve Grundtner, Oregon

 “The AutoPantry is a really great way for people with disabilities to be able to access everyday items above counter height.  It really is a great addition to anyone’s home.  I want one for myself!”  Cele Lock, Case Manager, Georgia

“I’m so happy with my new pantry!  Come to think of it, I do not know how I used to get along without my AutoPantry.  The quality is great and it is obvious that someone put a lot of thought into the design.  It has been a great experience and I will definitely recommend your products.”  Dale Santella, Florida

“I replaced my manual clothes lifts with the Automated Wardrobe Lift and I am very happy.  The install went well and all my friends are extremely envious!  Helen Griffen, California

“Thanks for following up.  The ShoeSelect installation went perfectly and we are very happy.  We’ve been showing it to everyone”.  Harold Bumgarten, New Jersey

“Our client really liked the ShoeSelect product.  We look forward to working with you more in the future”.  Doug Poe, Thomas Riley Artisan’s Guild

“The install went awesome!  The Automated WardrobeLift looks amazing.  I stained and finished the arms to match the adjacent surfaces and the homeowners absolutely love them!  Your wooden arms are incredible!  Also we are hoping to get this bathroom and closet published.  If so I will definitely keep you updated”.  Johnathan Orman, Elite Cabinetry Mississippi

“My customer likes the Automated WardrobeLift.  If you need a local reference please do not hesitate to use my name.”  Eduardo, California

“Thanks Kurt.  Mrs Stafford loves the ShoeSelect carousel!”  Naomi, Interior Designer, Washington DC

“Thank you for providing the Auto Pantry for our recent project in Atlanta.  The result us simply stunning!  There is nothing out there that I could find anywhere, at any price that does what your Auto Pantry does.  We have had many rave reviews of the pantry.  It just works.  It does what it is supposed to do and does it well.  As a manufacturer we expect the products that we offer to our customers to give many years of trouble free service and we know the Auto Pantry will do just that.  The same applies to the Automated Wardrobe Lift.  We’re looking forward to designing many more projects that will incorporate StorageMotion products.  You and Tina have been a pleasure to work with!”  Marvin J. Miller, Schrocks of Walnut Creek

“I am very impressed with the speed, skill, professionalism and integrity of StorageMotion Inc.  Anyone who purchases from them can rest assured that there is strong support for their products.”  P. Jakab, Brooklyn, New York

“I purchased two ShoeSelect units last year and it worked out very well.  I am buying 2 more now including one for my Showroom!”  George C., Christopoulos Designs

“I showed the ShoeSelect to my client (as well as to many other potential clients) and they all loved it!”  P.Cerrone, Architect

“The units are in and fitted and they work brilliantly!  I shall take a photo and send this on.  Many thanks and thank you from Becky.”  J.Farell, England

“The AutoPantry is wonderful!”  C Anderton, Ohio

“Yep it is up and I am happy!!  Except when the nutterbutter cookies got lodged and smashed, HaHa It is all good!  When people see this closet whirl, their mouths drop in amazement!”  THANK U!  Cathryn J., Ohio

“Our client is really happy!  Everything turned out very nice.  Best of luck and look forward to doing business in the future.”  T Consiglio, Oceanside CA

“We really love the ShoeSelect product.  We show it to everyone!”  Michelle Blitstien, Lake Norman NC

“Thank you so much for our automatic shelves.  We so appreciate your craftsmanship!”  Elise Lunsford, California

 “The customer LOVES the products for their AUTOMATED CLOSET!  (Custom Folded Clothes Carousels, ShoeSelect, Automated Wardrobe Lifts).  The install went fine and I will send some photos soon!”  Josh Klein, Closets Specialists, Savannah GA

“Great job on the prototype! It is far better than I expected and I am impressed (Vertical Carousel Prototype).”  Name withheld due to confidentiality agreement.

“Kurt, just wanted to let you know that the Automated Wardrobe Lifts look and function wonderfully in my client’s home.  With 11 foot ceilings these motorized units are the key to getting the most out of this space.  Eventually we will get one in out showroom closet display and it would get a lot of exposure.  Thanks for all your help on this project!”  Kate Johnston, Designer, Neff Of Chicago

“The customer really likes the Automated Wardrobe Lift and I would like to order 4 more.  I can’t believe how easy they were to install!”  Gilbert Ogles, Las Vegas

“My customer is very pleased with the Automated Wardrobe Lifts.”  Karla K, Mexico

“I ordered one (Automated WardrobeLift) a few weeks ago and would like to order two more now.”  G Chauvin, Morrison Lumber

“Your Automated Cabinet Door Lift is fabulous.  I need to order another one.”  Dennis Demers…Heart Of The Home

“I must admit we were a little nervous about ordering your AutoPantry over internet.  We had seen the videos but had never seen one in person.  HOWEVER we are VERY VERY happy with what was delivered.  It operates wonderfully and was not too difficult to install.  I hope we can do more business together in the future.”  Ken Anderson  Ken Anderson Construction Corp, Evergreen CO

 “Thanks for the help Kurt…. we got it working!  I deal with a lot of different vendors on a daily basis and when push comes to shove very few a willing to go the extra mile with humility when problems arise.  I really appreciate your attention to customer service.”  Christian Dadagian, Chillmark Cabinets  ( This was in reference to an automatic door that was damaged in shipping)

“We LOVE IT!  The ShoeSelect is quiet, smooth and highly functional.  It is everything we hoped it would be.  It is truly an AMAZING and REMARKABLE product!”  Quent Schierenberg, Warner Brothers

“WOW!!  What a unit! (Small AutoPantry)  Very nice and we will be presenting it to our executive staff later this afternoon.”  Jeff Ptacek, Starmark Cabinetry

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything.  You guys have been really awesome to me and I am super grateful.  The ShoeSelect carousel was just as amazing as I remembered and the crew and the Mom (and her husband) just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Thanks for rushing it out and the follow up.”  Jowill Leano, Mom Caves HGTV

“Yes and Yes!  Just got the ShoeSelect installed and operational a few weeks ago and love it so far!”  Deborah Davis

“The Automatic Cabinet Door is installed and it is a real slick system.  I am sure we will be ordering more of these.”  S. Russell, Russell Cabinets

 “The Automatic Wardrobe Lift with extended reach is installed and is very impressive.”  Ann Montgomery Architect

“I meant to tell you that we received the end caps and the customer was thrilled.  Thank you for providing excellent client service!”  Lorrie Gazette, Creative Order and Design

“We bought an Automatic Cabinet Door last year and it works great.  We now need to order two more.”  S. Bunting, Bunting Construction

“I just wanted to share the praise my millworkers have for your product (Automatic Door Drive, flush mount).  They said it’s the best door opener they have ever encountered and that it’s a great product and very simply designed.  This living room entertainment wall is very complicated but your product fits very well and we’ve encountered no issues.  THEY WERE LITERALLY RAVING ABOUT IT!  I’m very glad I found you online; it was like finding a needle in a haystack.  Thank you for a great product!”  D Watson, Colorado

“Thank you for helping me on the phone today.  I really appreciate the help as I have never installed Automatic Wardrobe Lifts before.  Everything went fine and these things really work great! Thanks again.”  Installer for Artesian Designs

Thank you once again, the shoe select was a hit, everyone loves it, and it fit perfectly and runs like a dream.
Thank you, Mike Lundgren / RLA Inc.

 I thought you might want to check out the video of the automated TV door you guys sent us. I included a link below. Turned out great!  Scott Groschel,   SG Construction 

Long time, no chat. But wanted to let you know that one year later, we couldn’t be happier with the ShoeSelect we purchased from you.  In fact, I’d be interested in pursuing another project with you folks.    Bill Drope

Thought you guys might want some pics of the final installation.Two are vertical only while the other two are in some nice cabinets I built.   THEY WORK GREAT!  R. Hargraves

For your info, all the StorageMotion ShoeSelects we have installed so far have had no problems! We’re glad that you guys make a quality product.    H. Chan, Livingworks Pte Ltd, Singapore

I am a contractor who recently purchased a door lift from you and we are extremely satisfied with the quality and performance.     M Ellis LLC

I wanted to reach out and thank you both again for your efforts on Thursday to satisfy our customer emergency. I never would have expected things to get done so quickly and in the end we were able to install the units on time with almost no problems at all….Thanks again and we look forward to using your products.  J. Antunez California Closets

I was searching for a storage solution for my niece and her husband who just moved into a new house and stumbled across your website.  OMIGOD.  How many times have I imagined these shelves in my head and wished that I could find them, make them/have them made, saying “SOMEbody should invent this!!!”.  I am dumbfounded as well as grateful.  We are planning to move house in the next year or two, and I am over the moon at the possibilities your products present. So THANK YOU!!!  This is the best discovery of the day! (…and I make many)  And KUDOS!  Continued success to you; and I hope I’ll be able to contact you to order one or more of these items in the next few years.  Regards, Marla B.

Testimonials October 14, 2015