Vertical Carousels – What are they and why are they valuable?

Vertical carousels are storage devices with rotating shelves or storage compartments. Unlike a “Lazy Susan” where stored objects move around horizontally, a vertical carousel moves objects, up, down and around. Typically there is a column of shelves in front and a column of shelves in the back. The shelves rotate from back to front and front to back at both the top of the carousel and at the bottom of the carousel. Almost always the carousel is motor driven with a gear motor. The benefit of  these devices  is they can store twice as many shelves since there are two columns of shelves as opposed to one column that you would find with stationary storage. Furthermore because they are vertical in nature, shelves that would normally be way out of reach of someone , can be rotated down to a level where the shelf contents can be adequately displayed to the user. So the vertical carousel is beneficial for not only doubling storage capacity and for reaching objects that are stored up high but also for finding and locating  stored objects easily.

Vertical Carousels – What does StorageMotion Inc offer?

StorageMotion Inc offers several different types of vertical carousels. First we have the AutoPantry. It is designed to store pantry items including bags of chips, boxes, cans  etc. It is amazing at increasing storage and help organizing your pantry. It was our first product and comes in three different sizes with respect to depth and many  different sizes with respect to height and width. CLICK this link for more info: Vertical Carousel for the Pantry.  Second we have the ShoeSelect. It is designed to store both  mens and ladies shoes and each type of she requires their own shelf design so that shoes are properly secured as they travel.  It comes with  wood shelves or shelves that are covered with fabric including suede or velvet. It comes in two different  sizes with respect to depth and many different sizes with respect to height and width.  CLICK this link for more info: Vertical Carousel for Shoes. Next we have the WineCarousel. It holds wine bottles laying down in a rack that revolves. It is great for displaying trophy bottles and comes with wood racks or chrome steel rack to hold the bottles. It comes in  one depth with many different heights and widths.  CLICK this link for more info: Vertical Carousels for Wine Bottles . Lastly we have the ClothesCarousel. It is a vertical carousel for hanging clothes. It can hold 4 or 6 clothes rails and requires about 5 feet in depth and a height of approximately 11 or 16 feet and a width of up to 4.5 feet. CLICK this link for more info: Vertical Carousel for Hanging Clothes . StorageMotion Inc. also has vertical carousel for all types of CUSTOM applications. These vertical carousel can be designed to hold  purses, folded clothes, hats, DVDs, collectibles and more.

Vertical Carousels – Why you should buy from us?

One reason you should buy from us is because you don’t really have another choice. We are the world leader in home storage automation and are the ONLY company that offers a vertical carousel designed specifically for the home. That said, nobody tries harder than we do to make our customers happy. Our products are quality built and we stand behind them with excellent customer service. The vertical carousel is built with high quality motors that are quiet and manufactured specifically for use in the home. The product is safe to operate and includes no pinch points for hands or fingers. It is easy to install as it comes fully assembled and can be placed inside a cabinet as a “cabinet insert” allowing the vertical carousel to match the rest of the closet. Our vertical carousel not only allows you to have an easier life but also increases the value of your home. Please let us do a quote for you and let us  show you what we can do for you!


Vertical Carousels for the Home January 7, 2017