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The Automated WardrobeLift™

An electric powered closet rod that increases hanging clothes storage through the use of automation.

  • Motor powered / motor driven.
  • Automatically raises and lowers a clothes rail or closet rod in seconds.
  • Installs in any closet with an electric outlet.
  • Load capacity up to 75 pounds.

The Automated WardrobeLift® is a very innovative product that can automatically lower a clothing rail with the push of a button. This product moves hanging clothes down and out and does not interfere with stored items below. It stops automatically at the lower position. When returning to the “up” position, the Automated WardrobeLift® moves quietly and smoothly and stops automatically at the top position. It is definitely a much more elegant and powerful solution to the hand operated pull downs.

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The Automated WardrobeLift® Motorized Closet Rods

Watch the The Automated WardrobeLift® In Action!

The Automated WardrobeLift® has two rotating arms that work in tandem to lower your clothing down to you!

“The Automated WardrobeLift® installed very well and my customer loves it.  Please send another unit”.

Steve Grundtner, Oregon

We can customize any unit to your specifications!

Features Available

  • Wood lifts that are made of MDF and can be painted any color or be veneered.
  • Metal lifts that are chrome and black OR chrome and white OR all black.
  • A STANDARD model with 30 inches of vertical lift and an EXTENDED model with 50 inches of vertical lift (or even more with simple customization). Triple hang is not a problem.
  • Lifting capacity up to 75 pounds.
  • Remote control that can include individual, group and master control.
  • Wireless wall switches.

We have models that have vertical lifting distance from 30 to 50 inches and even further with customization. The proper mounting height for the lift depends on the customer reachable height plus the vertical lifting distance. The best design has the Automated WardrobeLift® mounted up high with a stationary clothes rail mounted below. Even triple hang is possible with an extended lift at the top, a standard lift in the middle and a stationary clothes rail at the bottom. Typically the clothes rail from the lift will protrude from the back of closet by about 40 inches. If this is not desirable it is possible to set the down limits on the standard lift so that the rail does not come down the full 90 degrees and the distance from the back of the closet is reduced. The arms rotate down in about ten seconds and can easily support up to 60 lbs or 75 lbs with a motor upgrade. A clothes rod up to four feet long can be suspended between the two arms and the motor is neatly hidden in a two inch diameter tube that acts as a drive system for the rotating arms. The minimum mounting dimension is 28 inches without customization. The motor tube can be painted or an enclosure can also be created for an even more high end look. The electrical set up is easy and straightforward. A typical 120 volt outlet can be placed at top of the closet on the left hand side or the unit can be hardwired by an electrician. The power requirement is 2 amps/200 watts and the motor is rated for intermittent use. There is no wiring for the switch as it is radio frequency controlled and it is completely wireless. If the clothes and the lift are placed behind cabinet doors it is important that the wireless wall switch be placed behind the cabinet doors.

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WardrobeLift™ August 24, 2015